How To Disable Ads In uTorrent Without Any Software

How To Disable Ads In MuTorrents

Everyone using the internet downloads something at least for once. The one of the most commonly used platform to download is Torrents using uTorrents or BitTorrent. Everything looks fine, but the ads which come in the uTorrents are not at all good sometimes. For an example, when you opened the uTorrents to check the download status and suddenly an ad pops up saying that “Are you ready for dating?” with a beautiful girl with few clothes and at that time, either your parents or someone sees that, you will feel very awkward. I, personally know that feeling. At that moment, we would think to go for the Pro version, but you don’t want to buy. To get rid of that problem, now I am here to explain you a procedure to disable the ads in uTorrents and that too without any software. In this article, I would explain few steps which you can follow to get rid of those ads.

How To Disable Ads In uTorrent:

The first thing, if you don’t have uTorrent, you can download it from here. You can also download BitTorrent from here.

  1. The first step in this process is open the uTorrent. You can find a menu on the top side. Go to Options and click on Preferences.  Options -> Preferences.


2. In the Preferences panel, click on Advanced option. Don’t expand it. Just CLICK on it.


3. In the Advanced section, you can find a filter box. In that box, type ‘offer’  and this will filter out the                                 required options.

4.Among those options, find the following and do as I mention.


offers.left_rail_offer_enabled: Find this and turn the value to False. This option is the reason for the ads on the left bar.

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offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled: Set this value to False. This option is the control for showing ads the top of the main view. If this is already false, let it remain like that.

After changing all the values, now you are set. You have disabled the ads in the uTorrent. Restart the application and then you can find no ads on the interface.


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    are you sure about this???

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    You cracked it. Good one. I’ll try it myself. Thanks for sharing.

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