How To Enable Night Mode In Google Chrome


Google Chrome, the web browser from the tech giant, Google is one of the top browsers in both mobile and desktop. Across the globe, millions of smartphone and desktop users use Google Chrome to browse the internet. One of the advantages of using Google Chrome is its ease to use and this is possible with extensions of the browser. These extensions are available in the Google Web Store. Google Web Store is similar to the Google Play Store for the mobiles where you can find the themes, extensions for the browser. Coming to the discussion, today we are here to discuss a simple trick where you can use the Google Chrome in the night mode. We don’t waste your time by saying more about the night vision mode as you all know it and read on to get that in your Google Chrome browser.


How To Get Night Vision Mode In Google Chrome:

The night vision mode for the Google Chrome can be achieved through the installation of an extension. This extension will invert the browser color and make them to work at night. The night vision not only looks different but also healthy to your eyes.

Step-1: The first step in this process is the installation of that extension. Hacker Vision extension is the extension we need to install in your Google Chrome browser. Enter the name in the search box and then click on search. Download it by clicking on the “Add To Chrome” button. You can download it from here.

How To Get Night Mode In Google Chrome

Step-2: Add the extension to the browser by entering your Google credentials and approving the requirements of the extension.

How To Get Night Mode In Google Chrome

Step-3: Now you can see the colors in the Google Chrome browser gets inverted and you can feel the difference.

How To Get Night Mode In Google Chrome

Step-4: You can pause the extension whenever you want and you can re-enable it through a small click.

How To Get Night Mode In Google Chrome

And that’s it. This is the simple method to get the night vision mode in the Google Chrome browser and don’t forget to share this article with your friends in different social media networks. Keep visiting our site for more news, tips and tricks.


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  1. raj says:

    is it going to be useful??

    • SrikaR Reddy says:

      Yes, it is.!! If you are a late night sleeper and browses the net a lot, then this is very useful to you.!! 🙂 😛

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