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Privacy Policy Of AllTechPool.Com

This privacy policy is updated on 02/July/2015

The first thing that we give importance is quality of posts on your blog and the next most important thing to us is the privacy of our blog readers. We respect privacy of our blog readers.

To improve the blog we collect same information from our blog readers without harming the privacy of our readers.Here we are disclosing everything How and What information will be collected from our blog readers.

We use the Google Analytics to track the number of readers to our blog daily, And what they are reading. The information is collected by Google Analytics which do not include any information revealing the identity of the reader to us. You can refer the Google Analytics for more info How and What data is recevied from readers.

And we also collect E-Mail IDs with optin boxes, The Emails will be used only by us to keep you updated with latest posts on the blog. And will not be used at any cost to spam your inbox, Because we too hate spam.


Comments: We are using Gavatar for our commenting purpose, If you are commenting with your email id, then the image linked with Gravatar will be reflected on our blog too. If you don’t want to display the image then please remove the image from or reach us out from the contact form. We will remove it.

And we also use the Google Adsense to monetize our blog. Google collectes some information from blog readers which are not shared with us at any time. So please refer data usage policy of Google Adsesn on their website.

If you are having any privacy concerns then please reach us from the contact form.


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